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The University of the Infinite Enhance Your Enjoyment, Expand Your Awareness, Remember Who You Really Are

Expanding one’s own consciousness is the prime foundation upon which exceptional human experience can be enjoyed.

At the University of the Infinite, we do not lightly consider Infinity and its relationship to the Human Being. We were born to be awesome and embrace our unbounded potential, but the question of how to do this has eluded most educational systems.

In our developing library of useful information and tools (coming online in the late fall) we will examine how to make the process easy to do. There will be some effective ideas on how to dissolve the innate fear of who we really are, so that we can free-flow with our Universal nature as easily as we live our human lives.

And why not? There seems to be something missing with using only our current human potential.

So our offerings at the University of the Infinite will not only share insights into our essential, unbounded nature but also include practical exercises for expanding your consciousness and unfolding this innate potential.

If this subject matter sounds like a winner for you, then you’ll appreciate our growing list of courses, webinars, live seminars and archived recordings, all of which deal with the many topics found on this website.

Here’s a glimpse of our future activities for this portal…

Here are a few of our Cosmic Professors !

Music From Source with Frits Evelein

The Sustainable Human 101 with Deborah Sorkin

Cosmic Accounting with Jim Sparkman

Multi-Dimensional Rocket Science with Kam Gaffarian

And more courses are in preparation for the commencement of the University in 2017.