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Connections For The Cosmically Inclined

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This is a prime time for a Human Being to choose to directly experience their connection with their Universal nature.

Enjoying the source of your being, deep inside your consciousness, is a very fulfilling experience and one that enriches all aspects of your life. And to do this with a support team is beneficial to the process of maximizing who you are.
There is an unprecedented wealth of real encouragement and useful ‘consciousness technology’ available across the planet. Inquiring into these acceleration tools will greatly enliven your day to day experience.

We will share with you what works for us and suggest some common steps regarding how you can realistically augment your own evolution. The Zero Universal website embraces the concept that your awakening can be accomplished in an easier way than in the past.


All that is needed is a personal resolve to do so, combined with a consistent focus and intention to maintain the expansion of your consciousness.

Nature will then provide you with the necessary assistance. As your frequency rises you will begin to experience a holistic and enjoyable transformation of your life.

Our understanding is that you are an incredible being in a human body, and we will support you, as best we can, in experiencing more of your untapped potential.

Sharing the increased flow of your well-being with others is fulfilling and illuminating for many on the same path, and the Connections Portal will be a platform for your contributions and insights that will propel our Human Race and planet towards an exceptional future.

Greetings from the folks at Zero Universal

Who Are We?

Simply stated, we are people who are fascinated by the extraordinary potential of the Human Race and our role in the Universe at large !

We are remembering to once again be fully conscious of the wonders of life. We are fellow travelers on the great journey of totally appreciating the adventure.

We are researchers exploring the higher realms of possibility, walking down paths that are not on the map of the current planetary reality. The team here at Zero Universal is utilizing a very wide-angle lens to perceive fresh and expanded frames of reference.

We are realizing that this Era is preparing to unlock something incredible for the Human Race. We are offering, through our website, an exciting package of entertaining insights that reveal an amazing destiny for Humanity.  We are sharing a variety of multi-dimensional visualizations and considerations that might propel our current understanding forward, so that it becomes easy to brilliantly travel the future’s course.  On this adventure, we will offer various “illuminations” that are unfolding within the dynamics of our planet’s transforming structure.

We are a group of Cosmic Imagineers assembled from a variety of backgrounds, not just from the Eastern and Western traditions of Earth, but also from the larger reality far beyond our planetary perspective.  As we comprehend the immense magnitude of reordering taking place here, we are feeling very excited about the promise that lies before us.

The Human template is poised for an enormous leap in its evolution.


Yes, we are passionate about the Human capability to be a fully conscious player in the field of Universal consciousness. We know the Human bio-software, hardware and higher Divine systems inside and out.  At Zero Universal, we support every being on Earth to fulfill their highest dreams and promise, and we feel joy in sharing our voyage and perhaps inspire others along the way.

Every page of our website is designed to allow the viewer an enjoyable and expanded experience, through a real and deep exploration of the new possibilities for Humanity. Each page of the website carries within it, content that is fused with the high vibration and understanding of Cosmic Reality.  We have loaded the website with Divine Love and Cosmic Wonder and feel it will naturally radiate out and be appreciated by those who wish to enjoy it.

Why The Name Zero Universal? What Does It Mean?

The Zero Universal Point of reality is found at the center and core of all living existence.  All creation is held together by the collective Universal Zero Point found within the nucleus of every aspect of creation. It is like a Cosmic doorway that is the junction point leading into the Universal Source of Creation, which is also the origin of a Human’s individual nature. Accessing it on a regular basis, through the quietest level of one’s consciousness, transforms daily life in magnificent ways.

Meet Gordon Lent

An Architect of Life and A Visionary Futurist


The Earth “reality” is ready for its next upgrade!  Old concepts, belief systems and assumptions will most  likely not apply in the fresh and sparkling wave of transformational awakening that is dawning across our planet. We are finally remembering the amazing potentials that Humanity has been blessed with.

GORDON is a main creator of the ZU website and many of its offerings. He has been fortunate to have a wild imagination with the ability to conceive of practical implementation systems, combined with great support and encouragement from his friends around the world. It should be noted that his creative musings are very spacious but reasonably acceptable, and yes, sometimes considered just shy of “the far side”. But therein lies the fun… of stretching the “assumptions and acceptables” of a planet’s collective belief system. His general attitude is to re-evaluate current planetary understandings… and go way beyond… into a great field of higher possibilities.

There is emanating from these collective efforts an inspirational magnetic that somehow generates an appreciation of these larger realities, by a Humanity that is rapidly waking up. To all of these individuals of like mind, who encourage and support Zero Universal’s creative explorations and deep inquiries into the full range of life, he has a deep appreciation and gratitude. All of our efforts certainly makes the Earth adventure more enjoyable.

For most of his life, Gordon has been very attracted to investigating Human potential. He has spent decades appreciating wonderful courses in deep meditation and experiencing the inner realities of life, while simultaneously living large in the daily world. He has also enjoyed a number of careers, particularly in music education, general contracting and architecture.

He is now focusing his full attention on composing music of a celestial nature and examining the real story about the origin, potential and destiny of planet Earth and the Human Race. What he has been discovering so far is that the actual events of the “space opera” of Planet Earth are far beyond astonishing and would somewhat challenge the current understanding of the average Earthling mindset. It may take a few moments in time for the general public to begin appreciating the answers to the great questions: where did we really came from, who are we really… and what is our extraordinary future all about.

He has a deep sense that his being has been in service here on this planet for a very long time. And as he expands his own awareness, it is now time to share his creative expressions with those who find interest in becoming a little outrageous themselves, and going for their own awesome destiny. This would help catalyst the entire world. In fact, it is felt that the planet and Cosmos are hoping we will ALL go for it, and become an incredible Human Race… and I say, with all my heart… let’s take that journey !

Meet Dominique Lacroix

Facilitator of Transformation & Creative Living Coach
“You Hold The Key To Your Own Reality”

DOMINIQUE sees herself as a pioneer exploring the physical realm through a new modus operandi. Everything we knew so far is collapsing. All the old reference systems are not valid anymore and new ones have to be created as we move forward on this new path of consciously creating the reality on this planet, individually and globally.

Like most human beings, she arrived on Earth having forgotten everything about her origin and who she was. However, she always had a deeper knowing that there was much more to life than what was usually accepted. That’s why, in her early life experiences, she received a degree in Anthropology to better understand who she was and the origin of human beings. Not finding the answers she was looking for, she left the scientific field for a career in the corporate world and she then found herself exploring metaphysics through a variety of avenues.

Over time, through life experiences and some “almost magical”1 encounters that were meant to be on her path, she came to experience a new state of consciousness emerging from the reconnection to her Inner Source and the Cosmic Consciousness from which everything originates. Through her own experimentation of the concepts learned through a number of different holistic healing modalities, she realized that everything starts within you: from the inside out. There is nothing outside of yourself, there is no reality other than the one you create. So to express more of who you are, you merely need to allow your original divine consciousness to flow within your human aspect. Her encounter with Caroline Cory has been the turning point allowing her to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and experience deeper aspects of her being. She wishes to now joyfully explore new ways of creating and expressing herself. It is her intent that all the forms of expression that you will find on this website support you in your authentic expression. Each human being who is able to connect with its true essence and express him/herself from this pure consciousness is contributing to the emergence of a new world, based on Love, Truth, and Oneness. Explore, experience and enjoy!

Dominique has been writing a regular chronicle on the emergence of the “New Reality” on the French website, for more than two years now. Dominique’s passion is to support you to become empowered, have a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. She shows how to express powerfully the Divine being that you are through the creation of your physical reality. For the French speaking community, you will find Dominique’s work on her personal website .

What seems magical to most humans is only the normal functionning of universal laws angel..

Meet Martin Lafond

Who demonstrates a quiet brilliance in conjuring the Celestial Realms, enticing them down from the highest levels and onto Planet Earth in the form of beautiful, heart inspiring graphic art.


Martin is a principal founder of the INFINITY ART STUDIOS and is the Zero Universal “CELESTIAL DESIGNER & GRAPHIC ARTIST” par extraordinaire:

Martin masterfully expresses his art in the ethereal worlds of light, color & refined frequencies, pouring out a vast array of multi dimensional beauty, all of which can be appreciated on the numerous pages of the Zero Universal website.

Meet Our Cosmic Collaborators !

Dr. Frits Evelein


Composer of Music From Source and Teacher of Universal Consciousness. Frits is a musician and teacher of the New Paradigm. His creations and work are focused on the manifestation and integration of Source Energy and Universal Consciousness on the Earth and humanity. His current focus of activity is composing Music from Source and bringing forth New Education concepts. He envisions an Earth and humanity purely connected to the Universal Source and humans manifesting and creating in an awakened and conscious way from this alignment. All his creations – may it be music and art, education, science, healing etc. – are focused on expressing the New Paradigm and supporting this transformation and awakening on the Earth and in humanity.


Frits would love to participate in the co-creation of new projects such as film music or albums for specific groups (children, yoga groups etc.). Don’t hesitate to contact him if you are interested in working with him at

Frits has been teaching master classes on education for many years. He is planning to offer ongoing events such as lectures, master classes and workshops specifically on Music from Source. If you are interested in hosting such an event please contact him directly.



Meet Our Master Team Of Coding Wizards…

Here are prime developers of exceptional talent, who combine a carefree bravado with an upbeat attitude of”yes, we will do the impossible” !

Faizan Qadri – Sarmad Sohail – Hamza Manzoor


ZU considers ourselves fortunate indeed to have on board this wonderful and extraordinary coding team, headed by Sarmad. When you consider the demand placed on their creativity, to manifest the most advanced and beautiful, yet functional website on the internet… we have always received from them a “we can do it” attitude, backed with very functional “website front end” results.

We have asked of them to code out (HTML5) functions and scenarios that have never before been coded for the internet. They produced the protocols, sequences and coding that supports ZU’s very expansive and original conception, even though it was no easy task to keep up with the wild imagination spoken of earlier. But they did it and we’re very proud of them.

The entire visitor experience on the ZU website is absolutely wonderful on all levels of occurrence, because they nailed it to the wall. What more can be said. Well, perhaps this will do… it’s time to party, of course !

Additional Collaborators


We have with us a wonderful group of visiting Celestial Imagineers, who will share with you certain perspectives of their journey towards the mastering of planet Earth’s wild set of dynamics .

They are Sue Beilstein, Laurence Endres, Yoan Endres, Marjan Gharaat, Tim Helweg-Larsen, Gitanjali Hemp, Jennifer Austin, Hyacintha Kraidy, Don Nathe, Mary Ruth Quinn, Deborah Sorkin, Jim Sparkman, Wigard Tegel, Wendy Von Oech, Marijke Willemsen, Jonah Willihnganz, Kim Worsencroft, Lisa Young and many others who will share the experiences of their journey, in the adventure of connecting fully to the energy of Source, while enjoying fully the experience of being Human.

And we extend a HUGE thank you, filled with deep appreciation, for the generous assistance of our Sponsors.

Please note: When you go back to the home page, you may have to “REFRESH” your home page, for the awesome background video to re-initiate. Thanks.

Here’s a glimpse at what we are working on…

providing multiple ways to inspire each other…


Supporting the direct connection with your own higher nature.


And eventually, providing events and shows that wonderfully present

magnificent media experiences of exceptional depth and quality.